Policy and Objectives



To be a leading company in the transformation of non-ferrous metals, achieving a high level of quality, efficiency and competitiveness, aiming to maximize our clients’ needs and expectations; oriented towards the development of our collaborators, the value for our stockholders and the sustainable development.


  • Engagement
  • Responsibility
  • Team work
  • Profesionalism


IEQSA is a company dedicated to the manufacturing, transformation and sale of their standard products made from non-ferrous metals on the domestic and international markets; being aware of their responsibility on the processes’ quality, security and health at work, prevention of environmental impacts and illicit activities, through their Integrated Management System, they commit to:

  • To satisfy the clients’ requirements according to their specifications, meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.
  • To apply and maintain safe and healthy working conditions to prevent injuries and impaired health related to our activities and those of third parties.
  • To prevent accidents, incidents and occupational hazards, linked to our activities and those of third parties.
  • To guarantee the employees and their representatives are aware and actively participate on all the elements of the security and occupational healt.
  • To contribute to the protection and conservation of the environment, preventing the generation of negative environmental impacts and maximizing the positive ones.
  • To establish an promote security controls to maintain the integrity of process and security in the use of information technologies in order to prevent illegal activities such as: corruption, bribery, money laundering, among others.
  • To maintain and promote the integrity of the processes, the prevention of illicit activities such as corruption and bribery.
  • To boost continuous improvement in IEQSA, in order to improve our performance in quality, security, occupational health, information security, supply chain control and environment.
  • To ensure that our collaborators receive the necessary training that enables them to fulfil their obligations and the Management Systems objectives.
  • To meet the legal, regulatory and requirements and other requirements applicable to the Management Systems.


  • To meet our clients’ the technical specifications, quantities and delivery deadlines, controlling the process-associated risks.
  • To reduce accidents and incidents, and prevent occupational hazards related to our activities and those of third parties.
  • To prevent the generation of negative environmental impacts, reducing the potential effects on the environment.
  • To reduce and prevent the manifestation of risks due to illegal activities in the Supply and Trade chain, by setting schemes and security controls in the processes, including information technology risks.
  • To optimize on our processes, the efficient use of resources, working safely and reinforcing the implementation of environmental good practices.
  • To strengthen the collaborators’ competence, commitment and well-being, creating a good work environment.

Raúl Musso Vento
General manager

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