Quality controls in agreement with ISO criteria: this has been our permanent occupation. The control of our zinc and our other production materials; the control of our industrial processes; the control of our finished goods… All of these executed under normalized procedures, with adequate registers that allow full trace-back of any variables analyzed.

IEQSA counts on a modern laboratory to support all its production and quality control activities. Our chemical analyses are made both by atomic emission and atomic absorption, both internationally known and trustworthy methods. We count on our own equipment to measure the specific surface area of our zinc oxide. We own a well developed laboratory for metallurgical tests for rolled zinc products, allowing us to control characteristics such as: specific temper, deep-drawing capability, fluency, resistance to traction, bending quality and metal fatigue from alternate bending.
In summary: IEQSA holds the analysis capabilities to verify, with certainty, the compliance to the technical norms which our customers require.
Do consult us on any specific needs which you may have!

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