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Peru: the gift of the Andes. Buried deep within this nation of South America's Central Andes, the world finds one of its prime mineral reserves. In the 10th century B.C. ancient Peruvian cultures were already developing mining and metallurgical techniques with surprising skill. Since Europeans confronted this amazing reality in the XVI century, they coined the phrase "It's worth a Peru", inspired by the country's fabulous riches. Peru's zinc production dates from the same pre-hispanic origins when Peruvians mastered silver, gold and copper, continuing its development throughout the Spanish Colonial era.

Modern zinc refining in Peru started with the La Oroya refinery in 1922, and continued its development with the inauguration of a second refinery, the most modern and sophisticated installation of its type, in April l98l. Hydroelectric energy, another gift of the Andes, provides us with an internationally competitive source of electricity. Since 2004, the opening of the Camisea natural gas fields, one of South America’s largest, has provided IEQSA with an additional internationally competitive energy source. Finally, the recent inauguration of new zinc mines, has placed Peru in the second place among the world’s zinc exporters.

History and technological skills are thus the base and support of Peru's modern zinc transformation industry: a first quality raw material, locally available, coming from the world's second largest zinc exporter a land of plentiful cheap energy resources.

Industrias Electro Químicas S.A.(IEQSA), proud of Peru's mining tradition, and firmly founded upon its developed and modern zinc industry, has the most solid reasons to present itself to the world markets. Reasons as solid as Peru's Andes themselves.


zinc oxide
zinc oxide