Since 1989, Industrias Electro Químicas S.A. (IEQSA) has been continuously supplying the European Market with Zinc-Copper-Titanium sheets and coils. Since the beginning, this product has been manufactured according to European specifications. Before the competent authorities of the European Union approved norm EN988 for this product, IEQSA`s Zinc-Copper-Titanium sheets and coils were produced as per the demanding standards of the corresponding German Industrial Norm DIN 17770. Today, IEQSA’s sales of this product compete with the best-known brands made in Europe. Our compliance with the European Norm EN988 has been well established, through permanent inspections and certifications issued by the internationally renowned European inspectors Bureau Veritas, and test institutes such as the MPA-NRW (Materialprüfungsamt Nordrhein-Westfalen) of Germany.












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Rolled zinc sheets and coils, of European style zinc-copper–titanium alloy, following the chemical composition and physical characteristics specified by European Norm EN 988. Other alloys also available (soft zinc, deep drawing zinc)

European Norm EN 988
Chemical Characteristics
Zinc quality
Z1 (99,995 %)
Zn 99,995 % EN1179
Copper (%)
0,08% - 1,0 %
0,120% - 0,140%
Titanium (%)
0,06% - 0,2%
0,065% - 0,075%
Aluminium (%)
0,015% max
0,003% - 0,006%
Total Lead + Cadmium (%)
not specified
very limited quantities, on average below 0.0025%
Physical Characteristics
Thickness Variation (mm)
± 0,03mm
± 0,02mm
Width Variation (mm)
+ 2mm / - 0mm
+ 1mm / - 0mm
Length Variation (mm)
+ 10mm / - 0mm
+ 3mm / - 0mm
Lateral Curvature (mm)
max. 1.5mm/m
max. 1.5mm/m
Flatness (mm)
max. 2mm
max. 2mm
Mechanical Characteristics
Elastic Limit (N/mm2)
100 minimum
110 minimum
Tensile Strength (N/mm2)
150 minimum
150 minimum
Yield (%)
min 35%
min 35%
Bending Test
does not exhibit cracks
does not exhibit cracks
Creep (%)
0,1% max
0,1% max
Erichsen deep drawing test (mm)
not specified
7,0 mm minimum
Surface Finish
Natural zinc, in a medium-shine gloss, equivalent to that of the best known European manufacturers.
From 10mm to 1,100mm following the thickness (gage) parameters below.
Thickness (gage)
a) A minimum thickness of 0.40mm (0.01575 inches) is required for widths above 330mm (12.99 inches).
b) For thickness between 0.20mm and 0.40mm (0.00787 and 0.01575 inches) the maximum width is 330mm (13 inches).
c) For thickness between 0.08mm and 0.195mm (0.00315 inches and 0.00768 inches) the maximum width is 325mm (12.80 inches).
(a) Sheets, in all standard market sizes (Example: 1,000mm x 2,000mm x 0.70mm; 1,000mm x 2,250mm x 0.80mm, etc).
(b) Strips, in sizes specified by the customer (Example: 100mm x 0.65 mm x 2 meters long).
(c) Industrial use Coils, in sizes specified by the customer (Example: 1,000 mm x 0.70mm x 3 tons; 331mm x 0.70mm x 1,600 Kilos).
(d) Roofing coils, in sizes specified by the customer (Example: 670mm x 0.70mm x 100 Kilos).
Our products are wrapped in a special chemically coated, humidity absorbing paper, which is reinforced by criss-crossed embedded strings, and plastified on its exterior surface. The products are conditioned on wooden euro-pallets, and secured by straps. Additional security elements are also used, such as corner and edge protectors for zinc sheets or carton cores for zinc coils. Our pallets comply with ISPM Norm Nº15.
Minimum Order
Full container loads (25 to 27 tons for European or South American deliveries; 40,000 pounds for North-American deliveries; 20 to 26 tons for Asian deliveries).
Delivery Times
(a) Orders are shipped 18-20 days after their confirmation.
(b) Sea + inland delivery time: 18-22 days for North-American destinations; 28-32 days for European destinations; 5 – 15 days to South American destinations; 25 to 35 days for Asian destinations.