Industrias Electro Químicas S.A. (IEQSA), based in Lima – Peru, is Latin America’s largest zinc transformation industrial complex. Since 1973, IEQSA is a world wide supplier of zinc calots to dry cell battery industries in over 25 countries.












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Principal uses

• Production of zinc cans by extrusion.
(Negative electrode in primary zinc –carbon batteries).

Physical and Chemical charateristics

• Produced from special battery grade SHG zinc (99.995% pure or better), with extremely low level of autocorrosive impurities, enabling production of cans with:
- Low pitting and general corrosion
- Excellent mechanical properties
• Calots can be supplied unlubricated or prelubricated
• Sizes R-3, R-6, R-12, R-14, R-20, R-25 following the customer’s own specifications, (diameter, thickness, weight).
• Shape: round or hexagonal except for R-6 and R3 (only round).
Available alloys

IEQSA supplies all of the best known zinc calot alloys, both traditional (Zinc-Lead-Cadmium) and ecological (“Cadmium free”). The main alloys available from IEQSA are:
(a) Zinc-Lead-Cadmium
(b) Zinc-Lead-Manganese
Customers are kindly invited to specify the zinc calot alloy which they normally prefer.

• 80 bags of 25 kg each, consolidated on a plastic wrapped pallet
• 40 bags of 50Kg each, consolidated on a plastic wrapped pallet
• 2 big bags of 1,000Kg each, plastic wrapped and consolidated on one pallet
• Other packing: upon request